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I have worked with change makers, musicians, actors, artists, public speakers, entrepreneurs, yoga teachers (people in the  public eye) to keep them grounded + inspired + in integrity with themselves.

I have also worked with people lost on what to do next in their lives, stay at home mom’s who have lost their sense of self and sense of their own value, people in college not knowing who they are or what they want yet. 

Everyone, even people selling out arenas, living their life’s biggest dreams have bad days, have doubts, have fears, lose their direction and feel they are unworthy.  

I will work with you to find a better balance in your life.  To be grounded in who you are and to remember who you are and who you want to be in this world.  To get to the heart of you.  To stay in integrity with your dreams, heart, and vision.  

I will teach you to set boundaries.  We will weed out what isn’t serving you.   We will create practices for you to take with you no matter who or what is facing you. 

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Looking to jump right into learning my top tools for living a life you love day in and day out that you can do on your own time?  Check out my 6 week program, Be Your Own Joyologist.


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