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A 6 week Inclusive Group Coaching Program with moi, Tricia, Your Joyologist guiding you, cheering you on and kicking your ass (with love and compassion) every step of the way.




How it will go:

Emails three times a week breaking down one of my top tools. Will include PDF downloads, exploration sheets to get you to dive deeper, and a personal story to help you wrap your head and around what I am sharing and be able to see it better in your own life.

Weekly 45 minute to one hour recordings sent to you as an mp3 for you to listen to over and over again. 

Weekly Q&A calls with me to answer all of your questions and get direct support and guidance from me. 

You will have membership to our Private Facebook Group so that we can all bond as a community, support each other, inspire one another, and you will have even more access to me.  **a judgement free, only love environment** A big ole loving support group for you to be heard, be supported and kept in integrity!

***You do not have to be on Facebook to be a part of the program.  But, The Facebook group does add a huge element of community and support.  It will still be worth it if you are anti-FB, some people have even created new accounts just for this program***

Once a week Hour Long Rapid Fire Coaching in our Secret Facebook Group where you full access to me to clear up anything that you don’t understand or need support with.  I am always available via the Facebook group but during this hour I am laser focused on it so we can have chats back and forth.  It is my absolute favorite!  Each week it will be on a different day and time to try to accommodate different schedules and time zones.

Everything in this program you can read, do, listen to at your own pace!

You can fit this in to your life!  You want to fit this into your life!

I do highly recommend doing it real time if you can though!


You will get emails Monday, Wednesday, Friday every week with a personal story and breakdown of a tip/tool that I use.  I have witnessed that by me my sharing personal stories it becomes easier for you to relate it better to your own life.

An mp3 recording every Wednesday + a Q & A call.

A one hour rapid fire each week.  Time and date changes each week to be able to accommodate everyone’s differing schedules!

And you get lifetime membership to our awesome, truly loving, non-judging (seriously) secret Facebook group.  So really it doesn’t just last 6 weeks!


Invest in yourself and show up for yourself.  You have access it to everything for your lifetime.  You can do it all in your own time, but you must actually show up for yourself.

Questions/Concerns?  Please feel free to reach out to me via email!

Don’t just listen to me! See what some of my graduates of Be Your Own Joyologist, The Program have to say!

Tricia has created a program,a community, where we can take her love and advise and grow together. The support from Tricia and the other members of the group was invaluable. Tricia has many helpful, real tools to get you to a better place. You can feel her dedication to you. She is positive with out being preachy. I would be a part of any program she has to offer. She has changed my life.  – Missy

If you ever have the chance to work with Tricia, take it. Even if you have already read the self-help books, gone to therapy and said your affirmations, working with Tricia will teach you something new. Having someone there to support you in your journey, teaching you new tools, gently reminding you to use those tools and celebrating your accomplishments, makes all the difference. While Tricia encourages, she never preaches. Stories to illustrate the different points are drawn from her own successes AND failures. We are in this journey together. – Erin

This program changed my life and way of thinking. I now have the tools to move forward and love myself for everything I am. I can already notice the difference in my daily life in interactions with others and my reactions to them. I can now come from a place of love or let go if it isn’t serving me. I don’t stress out about things like I used to because the tools Tricia teaches help you to realize there is an opportunity in everything if you just CHOOSE to see it and move toward it. To fall into your fears and overcome them. This program has given me priceless advice and I’d so it all over again. Also, the other amazing people I met through the Facebook group of this program made a big impact on my life and I’m thankful we can keep in touch even after it’s over!  – Alysia

I was very hesitate to do this program. I felt goofy doing what I would call a “self help” program, but it called to me. And it was so much more than a “self help” program. It was an outlet. To share fears, regrets, loves, hopes, and dreams! And when doing this program it has open my heart to living in this very moment and enjoying every second. And by doing so it opens so many opportunities for the future. Live in this moment with Tricia! There will be no regrets! I am so glad I said YES! to this program! – Jasmine

If you’ve ever wished you could have a supportive coach and cheer squad behind you while you’re playing the game of life, join this team! You get great tools and training to use in your everyday life to help you through the tough times and celebrate the good times.

A no nonsense, easy and practical way to change and appreciate one’s life. – Mirjam

This is an amazing program that will change your life and help you see how much greatness is within you if you just have the tools to see it and let out. You will learn to live yourself, forgive yourself and others, and let go of all the bad to let nothing but awesomeness in.

I am so grateful for Tricia’s 6 week Joyology course. I am in a great relationship and wanted to feel better about myself and be a better girlfriend and I have been in the same job for 12 years and wanted to find a way to be a happier employee and enjoy my job more. Through the weekly phone calls and the Facebook Rapid Fires I picked up some tools that were helpful to both the relationship and the job. After a couple of weeks I realized that I had gathered enough of these precious tools to fill a tool belt! I pull one out when I need it. These tools are always with me. I feel happier and lighter and have a much better attitude. I am also enjoying the ongoing Facebook support page dedicated to our Joyology group. My fellow joyologists are always there to listen and offer advice. This has been a real unexpected bonus!! I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to hone in on happiness!! – Jeanne

This program is one of the best things to ever happen to me and I am so glad that I did it. If you’re going back and forth on whether or not to do it, sign up. You will not be disappointed. If you feel like you’ve lost yourself a little bit, sign up. It will give you the tools to reconnect with your spirit. This program will change your life. -Emily K.

Tricia’s Be Your Own Joyologist Program taught me so much about myself and of ways of showing up in the world. I am so grateful for the abundance of tools that she shared. She is truly a bright light.  -Stana

Under Tricia’s guidance, I took something that I already knew well (that *I* was responsible for my own happiness), and learned how to actually apply it. I learned tools to change my thoughts, speech, beliefs, actions, and attitudes. These tools have become invaluable to me. -Katie

The BYOJ group provided wonderful community support and encouragement both online (facebook) and offline (recordings). I really appreciate Tricia’s attentiveness during the program, providing us with opportunities to support each other. Tricia’s openness and vulnerability around sharing her story as well as opportunities for growth were encouraging and made it real and honest.

Yes! I want to know!

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