Life is the Practice of Continuously Letting Go

Yesterday we found out that we HAVE to move out of our current home where we have been for the past two years in 60 days.  My due date with baby girl number 2 (name yet to be determined) is in 49 days.  The timing is not great, to say the least.   But, that’s life.

It would seem that I have no choice.  And I/we don’t in the fact that we MUST move.  But, I still have choice.

The choice to let go any attachment to what I thought was going to be happening in the next few months and to create new possibilities.

I have the choice of fighting this news with anger, rage, this isn’t fairs, what are we going to do, worries, stress, you know all of that shitty, ugly, heavy baggage that we so easily throw into the mix.

I have the choice of accepting what is and moving forward with the outlook and attitude that everything is working out for the best.

And that is the choice that I am making.

I’ve come to realize lately that life is about continuously letting go.  We are constantly acquiring things and so of course we must be continuously letting go.  And not just of possessions and objects.  We are constantly taking information in, new experiences, media, so many things.  I mean really stop to think of all of the life you experience in one day, even if your days are very much the same there is so much that we are taking in, filing in, making sense of (or trying to), and assigning meaning to.

Our minds are absorbing and creating rules we think we have to follow, ways to dress, to eat, to express ourselves, ways are lives, relationships, bodies, routines, work “should” be. We get inspired by others, intimidated by others, attached to others.

I am getting a bit exhausted just thinking of it all.  Of course, we need to also constantly be letting go!  I always laugh when I am selling my products out in person and someone picks up one of my Let That Shit Go items and says oh so and so needs this.  I reply, EVERYONE needs this.  We all need reminders to let go, all the time!

Being pregnant a second time around, while chasing after and caring for my now 20 month daughter has really been a reminder in this.  Being a mom and entrepreneur period has been a great lesson in letting go, but add the exhaustion and constant changes that come with pregnancy and wham bam.

I have had to really been gentle with myself and my work goals.  There are so, so, so many things that I want to be doing that I jot down ideas for and get excited about but have to be okay with making slow progress on because getting rest and taking proper care of myself has to come first.  I have to ask myself is this something I really, truly want to do or just something I CAN do and only move forward with the things that make the most sense for my current life and the passion I feel towards doing it.

With the news of this move I have to let go of what feels like will be an easier, more comfortable future.  Something that many of us have to let go of when we feel in our hearts that we are ready for a change. This change is being initiated by someone else…but so, so many times I have been the one to initiate myself.  The making a big life change that is exciting and scary at the same time because you are leaving the comfort of what you know behind.

I am only one full day into knowing this news, so I am sure I will go on a ride of emotions and that is okay.  Feeling is good.  I see plenty of journaling (read about my fave way to journal here) and walks in my future (my favorite ways to get out of my head and work things out).  But, I also have already started to let go of possessions as well.

Every time that I have stepped into my closet I end up grabbing a piece of clothing or a few that I now finally feel ready to let go of.  Every time that I open my kitchen pantry I grab something that is ready to be let go of.  Every time that I use something from my bathroom vanity and counter, I grab something I haven’t used since I moved in, or is otherwise not going used and toss it.

I am continuously letting go and honestly it feels great. It feels freeing.  It feels empowering.  Life will work out.  Life IS working out.  Even if we end up without a new place to live when baby girl number two comes, it will be okay.  I realize that although we don’t have the biggest budget.  We don’t have regular, stable income.  We still have a lot more than people around the world.  And those people that don’t have much at all, still live life full of love and joy.

If you want more guidance on letting go, living a life of no shoulds and soooo much more, check out my Be Your Own Joyologist Program!  It is opening up again soon!

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We can’t control it all…



Oh life. You love to throw us curveballs. Just when I was feeling good about the big changes to come (baby number two) and in the flow and trusting it all. Bam. Curveball. It got me upset. It left me annoyed but within the hour I was able to find the bright side and trust that it is somehow all working out. Even with this new curveball.

Living in upset, anger, disappointment, annoyance will not improve the situation in the least it will only make everything that much harder.

Life moves too fast to let it control your happiness. In all situations you can choose to see the good and trust that in the big picture it’s all working out and this is just a tiny pebble in the road.

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You can make time for what you want.

Yes. Yes. Yes. I love reminding myself of this. I CAN make time for what I WANT to make time for.

It’s so easy to make up excuses. Legit excuses that we act like we can’t surpass. But really we can call bullshit on all of our excuses and get real with ourselves.

Sure it may mean giving something else up. Saying no. Modifying our routines. Getting uncomfortable.

But isn’t doing what YOU want worth it?!

Best way to convince yourself of this? Repeat it out loud into the mirror daily.

It’s YOUR life. Claim it.

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We must let go.

What already happened, already happened.
What will happen, will happen.

Keep your mind focused on the now not worrying about what may or may not happen and especially not dwelling on what already has.

In this moment you are unlimited!

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What are you making matter?

Having a quiet solo morning to myself so started it out with some journaling and lemon water!

When paging through an old journal to find open space i found these words I had scribbled into the page years ago.

It’s so simple but so big. We make it all matter. We read into everything and make shit up. We apply meaning and project judgements onto ourselves and others. Our minds are often working overtime making things matter THAT DO NOT MATTER!

So this weekend and on ask yourself “does it really matter?” When your mind starts swirling and then get back to what does matter. Deal?!

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