You can not always control which thoughts come into your mind, but you can control which stay.

You can not always control which thoughts come into your mind, but you can control which stay.

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Their opinion of me is not my opinion of me.

Their opinion of me is not my opinion of me.

You know you best.

Always remember that. —

And often times when people make up an opinion about you that you don’t feel is true

it’s more about them, then it is about you.

— keeping being you.

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Pay It Forward Friday!

Pay It Forward Friday!


A very generous soul who took my last Be Your Own Joyologist. The Program.  loved it so much they paid for a spot in the fall session to give away!

To Enter to grab the spot post a short video on Instagram on how you #ownyourawesome or on why you want to be in the program!  Make sure to tag me (@beingtricia) in the post and tag it with #BYOJOY so that the generous donor and I can see it and choose.

I get that posting a video can be uncomfortable, but getting out of your comfort zone is often where transformation happens!

And if you are not on Instagram I will accept some other various entries.  You can comment here, write your own blog about it, post a youTube video, {make sure to post a link to it here though} get creative but put your soul into it.

I will announce the winner on Sunday! The course starts Monday!

You can check it out here.

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I Thank You.

I thank you TSA agents.

I thank you coffee shop employees.

I thank you 7/11 cashiers.

I thank you customer service phone reps.

I thank you health insurance reps.

I thank you airline desk agents.

I thank you amusement park workers.

I thank you custodian staff.

I thank you gas station attendants.

I thank you truck drivers.

I thank you prep chefs.

I thank you farmers.

I thank you website developers.

I thank you engineers.

I thank you parking attendants.

I thank you luggage loaders.

I thank you volunteers.

I thank you human resources.

I thank you accountants.

I thank you technology developers.

I thank you nurses.

I thank you.  Yes, you.

I see you and I thank you.  Each and everyone of you is making a contribution to this wide, wide, world going around.  I see that many of you get ignored, get blamed, get mistreated even when you are doing your job to the T.

Know that you are valued. Know that you are valuable.  Who you are matters. What you do matters, no matter what your paycheck is.  Thank you for contributing. Thank you for showing up.  Thank you for being.

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Friday, I’m in love…Mr. Kate, Natalia Benson, Maca Bars, Amanda de Cadenet

This right here, may just be the start of a new thing.  I can not say yet if it will be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, but it will be a thing.  Because I simply love to love people up and share the goodness that excites me.   

A reminder to you, that I never ever share about anything unless I truly love it.  Nothing is every sponsored or paid for, it is simply from the bottom of my heart, and the butterflies in my stomach.  I love to share, so here is what I am in love with this fine Friday!

omg_poster_1000-357x252I have been in love with everything Mr. Kate does for years.  So much so that her main man and partner if fun Joey, designed this website for me back in 2011.  Since then, they have exploded and he is no longer available to work me (totally sad face, but so happy for them).  Kate is a creative queen of DIY projects,  a jewelry designer, and a freaking bundle of energy, just to name a few highlights. Kate and Joey recently bought a house and have made the move-in decorative process into a fun webisode show!  Check it out!

0e7ae0a2366befd37f788603371c2888If you follow me on Instagram or Pinterest you have most likely seen me showing off my friend Natalia Benson‘s new jewelry line.  She has been creating very special jewelry for years, but her new line is on another level.  My personal favorite is the Abracadabra ring.

You definitely make a statement when you wear her items. And, I personally enjoy making a statement…have you noticed?


ProductPage_Maca_Family_ChocolateBar3A few years back when I was working with my client Jason Mraz, we were at a screening of a movie he had been a part of.  Also a part of that movie was Brendan Brazier, the ironman behind the top vegan protein powder Vega.  After the screening teams of people were lined up to meet Jason (big surprise), meanwhile I was getting all fangirl and blushing to meet Brendan.  The man is a genius, and is truly making a difference in the world, and in my belly.  New on the market this year are Vega Maca Chocolate Bars.  I am proud to call myself a chocolate connoisseur and an avid lover of maca.  I am mildly obsessed with these bars and how amazing they make me feel.

He also has 3 cookbooks outs that I always recommend to clients and friends and a new magazine Thrive out!

Untitled22-300x168If you were to ask me who my biggest girl crush is, it would be Amanda de Cadenet, and I don’t even like the term girl crush.  She launched a video series called The Conversation which is just so bold yet cozy, you really want to be sitting across from her on the couch in her living room where she tapes the episodes.  She talks to everyone from Lady Gaga to Jane Fonda (ladies only) and she is just so real, so honest and so bold.  But not bold in a wow, I’m scared way, bold in a oh my god I am in love with you for opening your mouth and saying that way.  You just never want her conversations to end.  Check her and her awesome interviews out here.

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