Fall Fresh – UnDiet Meal Prep Made Easy Giveaway

You guys, it’s fall!  I love summer.  I love the beach.  I love the warmth.  I love a nice glass of chilled rose’ on a hot summer evening.  But…I  really love fall, too.  I love getting cozy in a sweater and boots and warming up with a blanket.  I also love the shift in foods.  I have already made two soups in the last week from my Nourish Cookbook !

For me fall feels like an opportunity to start fresh, and also to really dive in to my dreams and passions.  The weather shifts, the leaves change colors and start to fall, new seasons of my favorite TV shows start…  It feels like the perfect time to create new routines and throw out what isn’t working.

In my fitness routines, in my working life, in my personal life, and in my kitchen!  Feeding myself foods that make me thrive is a passion of mine, but I have to admit sometimes I start to slack and then start to feel the effects.  I feel too busy, tired, achy, unmotivated to cook myself nutritious and delicious meals and then I just become even more tired, achy and unmotivated because what I am feeding myself is slacking.

Most people dream of having a chef in their kitchen- all the time!  I know I do, and I was this person and more for clients when traveling all over the world with them!  But now, that I am running my own business I realize how truly valuable I was and wish I had someone taking care of me, the way I take care of the artist’s I toured with!

Someone to slice, dice and prep the contents of my fridge (after picking up the freshest produce), and whip those meals up in a flash that will help me to feeling my best, by eating the best and tastiest meals!

That is why I am sooo excited about this new group challenge that my super amazing friend, Meghan Telpner, a Toronto-based nutritionist, director of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition and author of the bestselling book UnDiet, has developed.   This program as a 4-week, step-by-step challenge to take you through the process of cleansing and organizing your kitchen, and sharing amazing ways to optimize your time in the kitchen.

Of course, it won’t be quite as luxurious as having a personal chef, but with some simple guidance, tips, tricks and strategies, meal prep can be made so easy and fun and then you feel productive, energized, healthy, creative, and alive!  Let’s all get Fall Fresh!  YES!

I am so excited about this program and truly see the value in it that Meghan and I have teamed up to offer one FREE spot in the program!

The UnDiet Meal Prep Made Easy program includes:

– 21 amazingly entertaining and educational videos. That’s over 2 1/2 hours of greatness.

– Nine instructional cooking/demo videos with correspondng recipes and endless creative variation options.

– Over 200 pages of information divided into 40 PDF resource guides, templates and exercises to take you through to the next level of prep, planning and health.

– A jam packed enthusiastic community of supportive health inspired people from around the world.

– A full 7 day meal plan with over 35 recipes.

– Twice weekly coaching emails for four weeks to keep you motivated and on track with the transition.

– 50+ recipes plus infinite modification options.

– A completely dairy-free, and gluten-free real food  program with both vegan and meat/fish eating options.

– Support from Meghan and her team to answer your questions and guide you along.

– Unlimited access to the videos and content 24 hours a day, seven days-a-week forever and ever.MPME-Giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The randomly but awesomely selected winner is April!!!!  Congrats April! Contest ends Sunday, October 5th at 11:59PM Pacific! Winner is picked at random and will be announced on Monday!

To find out even more about this program check out these webinars:

Tuesday, September 30th at 8pm ET: UnDiet Your Way To The Life of Your Dreams

Tuesday, October 6th at 8pm ET: UnDiet Q&A with Meghan

Join this community, join this challenge and UnDiet your way to vibrant health and the life of your dreams!

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Ash-wha-what-a? Adaptogens…what the heck are they? #tuesdaytip

I will be completely honest in saying that I am mostly writing this post because I don’t really know what the heck Ashwaganda is.  Yet, I have been giving it shout outs in my smoothies for the past couple of months and I do feel it working.  I know that it is an adaptogen herb…but I really don’t even know what the heck that means!

So, let’s learn together!

One thing that I do know is that adaptogens have been around for a very long time as most of them have been used in traditional Indian and Chinese medicine for centuries.  They are known to boost energy and heal and support the adrenal system, which is the system delegated to managing your body’s reaction to stress (eek, right?!).

Adaptogens work to strengthen how your body handles stress.  It helps to fight fatigue and works with your body to enhance your ability to cope with anxiety without having crashes.  Pretty crazy stuff.

They get their name because of their ability to adapt their function to your body’s specific needs. (What?!!?!?) Sounds crazy, but it is real.

They work by keeping score of your body.  When your body heats up, they bring you down.  When you are low, they bring you up.  Adaptogens are able too both calm you down, relax your nervous system, and destress you, while boosting your energy at the same time!  They work to normalize any imbalances in your body and contract any negative effects that stress may be causing you.

So, basically adaptogens are miracle workers and you want them in your life.

I have been loving Ashwaganda, and I have used it both as a tincture and a powder.  You can also find it in capsule form.   Besides being an awesome adaptogen it is an  antioxidant, thyroid stimulant, anti-inflammatory, and can relieve muscle spasms.  It is actually said to be useful for treating fibromyalgia, which I have and did not know that it was recommended until I started to research it more to share with you.


I can definitely give a testament that is greatly helping me.  My body often feels tense and achy and using Ashwaganda has greatly helped all of that ickiness. It also is great for restless leg syndrome, and hyper/hypo immune systems, including autoimmune conditions that affect muscles and joints.

Lately, I have been putting the powder into my smoothies and other beverage concotions and I have been feeling more energy and less pain in my body.  When I was touring I definitely noticed mine and my client’s  being able to handle the stress of lack of sleep and jumping time zones with the aid of adding Ashwaganda into our smoothies and juices, too.

Other adaptogens  include Cordyceps, Astralagus, Holy Basil (I also have on hand and use from time to time) and Asian Ginseng.

Wait, wait, wait….but what is it really? Ashwaganda is a shrub.  Yes, a shrub, that is also known as Indian Winter Cherry.

Have you tried using any of these herbs?  What have you felt?


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How to Forgive. – #tuesdaytip

Forgiveness is not always an easy thing.  In fact, it is rarely an easy thing.

The words, “I forgive you” take courage to say.  Take compassion to say.  But, can also just simply be words.

As are many things in life, forgiveness is easier said, than done and not for a lack of wanting.  We often, want to forgive, but for some reason we just can’t wipe the slate clean.  Saying those three words, “I forgive you” is not casting a magic spell, where we forget what was said, what was done.

A few years back, I realized that I  had unconsciously created my own little forgiveness practice.  I had been hurt by a friend.  In my opinion, she had done some things that were unethical.  She had done something to hurt someone that I cared about, and she lied to cover it up.  I was actually a bit stunned by it all.

I remember asking myself, Who is this person?  I did not know if I could ever trust her again.  I was having a hard time figuring out what version of the truth, was actually the truth, as I had a heard a few different versions from everyone involved and from those not involved.

What had happened really didn’t need to involve me, but it did involve people that my life revolved around in many ways, so as much as I tried to separate myself from the situation, as much as I tried to believe the best in everyone, I definitely had a polluted view of this friend that I could just not get over.

Being that I am a highly compassionate person, one that always wants to see the best in people, and who truly believes that we are all learning as we live, I wanted to forgive her.  Even if she and I never hung out again, even if she didn’t need my forgiveness, I needed to move past it.   I wanted to forgive.   I wanted to move past it.

Not forgiving, hurts us, more than it hurts them. {click to tweet}

When I found myself wanting to talk about this friend and what had happened, I knew that I had to take it straight to her and get clear.  I needed to hear from her, what had happened and why. We had a great, moving, heart to heart but it was still challenging for me to let go of what had happened, and to trust her and her future intentions.  In the following weeks, every time I heard her name or ran into her, I would cringe.  She was and is a beloved friend to many so even if I wanted to avoid her, it wasn’t possible.  I was having a hard time forgiving, especially since forgiving is not forgetting. 

One evening, I saw her across the room and again, felt my body tense up.  I was so over feeling this way!  To move past this discomfort, I simply started to repeat to myself over and over in my head, “I forgive you. I forgive you. I forgive you. I forgive you.” In less than sixty seconds, I felt all discomfort melt away.  It really was that easy.

Of course, it wasn’t a one time grand fix all.  There were still times that I heard her name, or saw her and those icky feelings came up.  Each time, I would remind myself to recite my forgiveness mantra and like magical forgiveness fairy dust, the simple chant would bring a smile to my face and peace to my heart.

Forgiveness is necessary.  Even if you plan to never speak to the person again.  You must forgive, to heal yourself.  Ignoring it will not heal it.  Do not let the pain, the hurt fester and rust inside of you.  You can forgive.  You need to forgive.

This simple forgiveness practice works wonders on forgiving yourself as well.  It is unfortunately too easy to hold onto guilt, to blame ourselves, to make ourselves wrong, to judge ourselves.

We must continually forgive ourselves.  We must allow ourselves to heal.  We must allow ourselves to grow. {click to tweet}

Often times it is even harder to forgive ourselves, then it is to forgive others.  This is why I advise bringing in the big guns of pen to paper and mirror work.   Again, we just use that simple mantra, “I forgive you.  I forgive you. I forgive you.”

Pen to Paper is exactly as it sounds.  Take your pen to your paper.  It can be a journal, or the back of the receipt, or napkin at a restaurant.  Write your magical forgiveness mantra over and over.  “I forgive you.  I forgive you.  I forgive you.”

 To make it the most powerful, go directly to a mirror and repeat it over and over to yourself while staring at yourself.  “I forgive you. I forgive you. I forgive you.”  Warning….this may cause tears.  Allow it.  

So, there you have it.  My tried and true, easy, peasy magical forgiveness practice.  I have even pulled this quickie out when someone is simply on my nerves, for whatever reason.  It truly works to take the irritation, the pain, the ickiness away.

Give it on a test drive, and let me know how it goes!  I am sure there is something you are hanging onto that can be forgiven in this very moment.

And if it’s not working…I am here for you to dig deeper.   I want you to heal yourself.


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If You Aren’t Relishing It, Release It. #tuesdaytip

Spring has Sprung.  April is here!  Have you dipped into Spring Cleaning mode yet?  I don’t know about you, but the word cleaning, is not one that excites me.  What does excite me though, is shedding what I no longer need.  

Why do we fill our closets,  fill our homes, fill our garages, fill our cars, fill our desks, fill our heads with things that we do not need?  Things that take up space and really do not serve us at all.

How many items do you have in your closet that are simply taking up space?  They don’t fit.  They have holes in them.   They are brand new, still have tags on them, but you never wear them.  You haven’t worn them for years, but have memories attached to them.

If you are not relishing it, release it!  If you are not wearing it, give it up!

How about your junk drawers, your baskets, your office drawers?  Are they filled with items that you actually use?  How many business cards have you collected that you have no intention of using?  How many thank you cards have you received that you will never read again?  How many coupons have you collected for items you have no intention of purchasing?

If you are not relishing it, release it.  If you are not using it, toss it!

What about the thoughts that you are keeping around that are you doing you no good?  When will you quit shaming yourself?  When will you quit guilting yourself?  When will you quit shoulding yourself?  When will you stop dwelling on what already happened?

You do have the power to change your thought patterns.  You do have the power to kick out the thoughts that do not serve you. {click to tweet}  You do have the power to believe in yourself, to love yourself, to value yourself, to trust yourself.  {click to tweet}

If you are not relishing it, release it. If it doesn’t serve you, kick it to the curb!
{click to tweet}

For each day of April, how about releasing one thing, each and every day.  Give yourself some timelines.  Set alerts in your calendar.  Trust me, it feels good to lighten your load.  Recycle it, give it to charity, sell it to consignment, sell it on ebay, trash it, but  get it out of your space.


I dare you to throw something away right now…immediately after reading this.  What is it?

PS… I learned this term from Mathew & Terces Engelhart of Cafe Gratitude.  I love to give credit, where credit is due.

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How to NOT Gossip. – #tuesdaytip

Not gossiping is easier said then done, as are most things in life, but it really IS possible!

Or, perhaps you are reading this and thinking, pssh I am so positive, I DO NOT gossip.  But, let’s be real here.

Gossip happens, catch yourself, stop yourself.
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Here is how I have implemented stopping the Gossip:

1)  Get Clear. 

When you find yourself venting, complaining, upset with someone, bring it to the person it is about.  Sometimes I will be in a conversation with one friend and hear myself bring up another friend.  Perhaps something she did that confuses me, frustrates me, hurt me, something that I am judging her for.   As soon as I say it out loud.  I say, wow, it looks like I need to talk to them about this.  This A) alerts the person that I am in conversation with that I have caught myself gossiping and do not want to continue. B) Inspires them to do the same the next time they hear themselves gossiping.   C) Works as a transition out of talking about others (gossiping) and into a new topic.

Sometimes we DO need to get clear with the person we have an urge to vent (gossip) about.   Share with them how they have shown up for you.  Be honest, but come from a place of love and a desire to heal.  If you don’t tell them, how will they know? {click to tweet}  Sometimes people really have no clue that they have hurt you, or acted in a way that leaves you thinking badly about them.

Sometimes we simply need to get clear with ourselves.  {click to tweet} Are we reading too much into things?  What really happened?  Did they do something to you?  Did they act maliciously?  Are we just jealous?  Are we just wounded from past experiences? A good way to get clear with yourself is to write all of your feelings out on paper.  Allow yourself to vent to the page and what is at the core of it, will most likely show up.

Get clear.  With them.  With you.

2) Remind yourself that Judging isn’t Loving.
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Because isn’t that what Gossiping really is? Judging?

3) Think before you speak.  

Consider, what is your intention?  Is it necessary? Is it kind?  Would you want the same done to you/said about you?

4) Don’t allow yourself to be pulled into gossip.

Often times, we end up gossiping because our friends, co-workers, loved ones pull us into it.  We are in a conversation, we are catching up and then before you know it, you have been pulled into gossip.

So, how do you get out?

  • Simply listen, allow them to vent, allow them to be heard and then compassionately point out that it sounds like they have something that they need to clear up with the person they are talking about.
  • State that you are kicking your gossip habit, working on being more loving and accepting, state that you are living by the Judging isn’t Loving rule and change the subject (without judgement).
  • Invite them to join your non-gossiping, non-judging state of love and wellbeing. 
  • Excuse yourself from the conversation.

Tuesday Tips are usually filled with Healthy Living tips, and honestly I truly believe that choosing to NOT Gossip is hugely vital to a healthy lifestyle.  You can exercise, you can drink green juice, eat super foods, use natural wellness techniques, but you must implement a healthy mind as well.  I personally feel that gossip needs to be let go off to truly live with a healthy mind, healthy heart, and a healthy body.

Will you join me on taking greater strides to cut the Gossip?

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