We can’t control it all…



Oh life. You love to throw us curveballs. Just when I was feeling good about the big changes to come (baby number two) and in the flow and trusting it all. Bam. Curveball. It got me upset. It left me annoyed but within the hour I was able to find the bright side and trust that it is somehow all working out. Even with this new curveball.

Living in upset, anger, disappointment, annoyance will not improve the situation in the least it will only make everything that much harder.

Life moves too fast to let it control your happiness. In all situations you can choose to see the good and trust that in the big picture it’s all working out and this is just a tiny pebble in the road.

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You can make time for what you want.

Yes. Yes. Yes. I love reminding myself of this. I CAN make time for what I WANT to make time for.

It’s so easy to make up excuses. Legit excuses that we act like we can’t surpass. But really we can call bullshit on all of our excuses and get real with ourselves.

Sure it may mean giving something else up. Saying no. Modifying our routines. Getting uncomfortable.

But isn’t doing what YOU want worth it?!

Best way to convince yourself of this? Repeat it out loud into the mirror daily.

It’s YOUR life. Claim it.

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We must let go.

What already happened, already happened.
What will happen, will happen.

Keep your mind focused on the now not worrying about what may or may not happen and especially not dwelling on what already has.

In this moment you are unlimited!

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What are you making matter?

Having a quiet solo morning to myself so started it out with some journaling and lemon water!

When paging through an old journal to find open space i found these words I had scribbled into the page years ago.

It’s so simple but so big. We make it all matter. We read into everything and make shit up. We apply meaning and project judgements onto ourselves and others. Our minds are often working overtime making things matter THAT DO NOT MATTER!

So this weekend and on ask yourself “does it really matter?” When your mind starts swirling and then get back to what does matter. Deal?!

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It’s Your Life. Are you running it?

It’s your life. Are you running it? Or is it running you?

Sure you have obligations to work and family and more but you always, always, always have choices!

You can always prioritize what you want.

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