Holding Space

The people have spoken.  I say hold space often, after my I Make Sh*t Up Video, I had some people asking what the heck is this hold space I speak of.

Imagine the ultimate non-judgement, full of compassion, love, and patience.

Holding space is so important to me that I have it carved in my skin as a constant reminder (it works, not that I am telling you to get a tattoo).

Photo by Pamela Corey

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9 Responses to Holding Space

  1. Hi! 🙂 — I have a doubt…. I understand the literal translation of “holding space”, and I think I get the message you are trying to spread, but I don’t understand what is to “hold space”. I mean, the use of the term. I asume, that in my country, we must use another expression for it. But, I have limits with my english and I can’t translate expressions. jaja 😛 I know a few expressions , but not that one. What does it means?

  2. Tricia says:

    Hold Space is actually not a term used in English, either. That is what I was attempting to explain, because I use the term often.

  3. Ahh! Ok. Thanks for the answer!
    It is too late to wish you Happy Birthday, so I wish you Happy time, Happy year, Happy life, Happy all:) It’s up to you to make it that way. But (and I don’t know how to translate this) No está de más el deseo. (wish it never hurts, that’s the best thing Google gave me. jaja)

  4. Hi! I wrote something here a few days ago and i don’t know what happened but it gone.
    The coment said thanks for the answer and that I wish you the best in everything. I know that is up to you, but I’d like to do it anyway.
    Much love and great things.
    see ya! 🙂

  5. and now it’s back.. funny

  6. admin says:

    it got into a spam folder. I went and looked for it after you posted that nothing showed up.

  7. Tess says:

    But what do you do when you have to hold space for a sibling who carries a lot of negativity and judgement? How do you be both accepting and at the same time let them know when they are crossing a line or say something that bothers you with out passing back anger and negativity?

  8. Tricia says:

    Come from a place of love an non-judgment when you are expressing yourself. If you come at them with anger, frustration, etc it will come off as an attack. Express how you are seeing it, but create a space of love and openness for them to hear you and for you to hear them. This may take work, but ground yourself in love. Imagine that everything is either an expression of love or a desire to be loved.

  9. Bridgette says:

    I am a Spiritual Director and this is one of the greatest explanations of ‘holding space’ I have ever heard. I am hooked on your site. Namaste.

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