I am being clear of crud.

Sometimes I find myself attempting to be lazy about the silliest, smallest things.  Just now, I was getting dressed after showering  from the gym.  I started to pull on my clothes and paused remembering that I had not put on any body lotion.  Eh, I thought, whatever.  I can do with out body lotion.  I don’t feel like going back to the bathroom to put it on, I just want to get dressed and go, right now.

But, what is going to happen a few hours or even minutes from now when my skin starts itching because I haven’t put on any lotion?  I will likely be spending time scratching, trying not to scratch and even just sitting there thinking, man is my skin itchy, next time I will definitely put on the lotion.

Every morning, after I blend up my green shake in my Vitamix and pour into a glass, I attempt to sit the dirty blender in the sink to wash after I enjoy my shake.  Every morning, I then remind myself that if I wait it will be harder to clean.  If I rinse the blender right now, it may take 30-60 seconds.  If I come back to it later, and I know that I will end up getting distracted and will not do it immediately after I drink my shake, the remnants will have dried up and formed a crud like substance.

I will then have to put some elbow grease in to scrub the crud.  The longer I let it sit the harder it will be to clear away.  So, at this thought, I of course stick the blender under the sink and rinse it away before any crud can be formed.

Every morning, as I think about this crud washing dilemma, I think about how it applies to life.  How often do I see people hold things in and then it festers within them.  How often do fights explode based on the silliest things merely because no one spoke up when they first felt something or wanted to express something.

What do you let sit?  Thinking it will be fine, it will go away, maybe I  will deal with it later.   It will always resurface and likely with extra crud tied in.

When something comes up, address it.  Don’t put it off. Don’t pretend that it doesn’t matter.  The person you may need to address is yourself, but it must be done or else farther done the line, you will have more work to do.  Clear the crud away before it has time to exist!

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One Response to I am being clear of crud.

  1. shadi says:

    yes! Act now. Now is never too late.

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