I make sh** up.

This may very well be the most important vlog I ever share with you.   Are you aware of your thoughts and how much you are making up?  Each thought that you have is in fact made up.  Can you decipher what is real and what is the story that you are making up?

I am aware that I am making sh** up all day long, but I am aware of this, so therefore I can choose whether to believe what I am making up or laugh it off.   Being aware is the first step.

Warning.  I may say sh** a lot in the following video….just saying.

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9 Responses to I make sh** up.

  1. Funny b/c the guy that walked away from the treadmill was probably making up a story in his head that you would think he was a wimp and sucked at working out, in reality he probably just had to pee really bad b/c he drank wayyy too much coconut water before getting on the treadmill.
    Sometimes the shit I make up in my head is really fun. Like I will be the 1 millionth customer and win a bunch of free stuff, or I’m at a concert and they will ask me onstage to sing with the band. Thanks for the vlog, it was way cute, I laughed b/c it was all so familiar.

  2. wendy says:

    Great vlog! U gave me something to definetly think about and not give a shit about the shit i’m making up! Thanks again!


  3. Heyy!!

    Thanks for sharing this, I spent the day yesterday making up things about a non replyed email! lol
    I´ll try this, be aware of my thoughts, what´s real what´s made up by my mind!!!
    I made up about you (I read your blog some time ago, but never saw you so close, or speaking): “she is the way that I imagined: shining!!!! :)beautiful smile, great energy!”

    thank you
    kisses from sunny and cold Portugal! 🙂

  4. Chris Duel says:

    A P P L A U S E ! ! !

    Yes, yes, yes.

    We are making sh*t up and it just doesn’t matter.

    But we can also flood our minds with positive thoughts. I feel more and more that this is the thing to do. The converse of Garbage-in, Garbage-out is Love-in, Love-out.

    What if we all made Love up?

    PS – I love that you can so freely say sh*t in the video!

  5. Missy says:

    LOVE THIS and something I SO needed to hear today! So glad I stumbled across your name via Twitter. Love how the universe works sometimes!

  6. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for calling me on my sh**t!! Haha. So awesome. Thank you.

  7. rf k says:

    thank you.

    for an inspiring talk on this check out Benjamin Zander at ted.com and his book, The Art of Possibility, Chapter 1: It’s All Invented


  8. Nancyak says:

    I realized it’s not really polite to make up stuff like what a co-worker or anyone thinks about me. Her mother might be dying in a hospital, so she’s not chipper. When I did realize that I realized how often I was doing it. By approaching the situation from a “let me talk to this gal and see what she’s about” standpoint you can do away with the false impressions and pre-concieved notions. I do still need to work on it though, and you made it much clearer for me. Merci!

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