No More Dirty Looks

For years, I thought I was using “natural” products.   Products for my hair and skin, some of which worked and others that did not.  But, now I see that almost all of the so-called “natural” products were not so natural.   Sure, they contain a few products from the earth, but still many big long chemical names, not so natural.

Thanks to the book

No More Dirty Looks: The Truth about Your Beauty Products–and the Ultimate Guide to Safe and Clean Cosmetics

and their blog I have discovered the true CLEAN NATURAL products and without having to test them all myself.  There are just so many offerings these days, that I must say it can be a bit overwhelming to pick which to try.  I am so grateful for stores such as Whole Foods and Sephora (best return policy ever) that have great return programs for used products, you just never know what is going to work for you, you know?


In the book, they try out loads of products and do the research, they break it down and give their picks for the CLEANEST products.   They also list do it yourself concoctions and ways to use the most simple of products, such as apple cider vinegar instead of using shampoo or conditioner.

I am currently washing my face with a bar of 100% organic soap made 100% of olive oil only, (a bar of soap?!?!).  Using an Evan Healy Hydrosol facial tonic (toner), and Josie Maran Argan oil (you can use less expensive jojoba oil & Vitamin E too) as my moisturizer day and night. I also have never really loved any eye makeup removers that I have tried so I am now using organic raw coconut oil to remove my mascara and eyeliner.  It feels so great, it works, and I gotta say that I don’t mind that my eyelids are very lickable now….

I have switched from my beloved Donna Karan deodorant to Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant Soapwalla, Lavanila ended up being a faker, not clean.  I have tried natural deodorants before and it just didn’t work for me, so I kept returning to my DK, but I am sold on this one and it smells lovely!

Perhaps, the most shocking change is that I am no longer using shampoo or conditioner, but instead I am rinsing my hair with Apple Cider Vinegar!!!!  Check out my little write up and others comments on their experience over at the NO MORE DIRTY LOOKS page.

I have always had a difficult time finding a shampoo and conditioner that I absolutely loved and the same with hair products.  I have a full head of naturally wavy, naturally thin hair with a scalp that tends to get dry and flaky (boo).   I have always hated my hair clean and had to load in products to enhance the curls, tame some frizz, add some shine, and on and on.  Now, rinsing with 2 TBLS of ACV mixed in 1 cup of water and then just putting a few drops of the Argan Oil on the damp ends I am in love with my hair!  Accept for the Argan oil, I have not had to use any products and my hair looks great and feels amazing and no more dry, itchy, or flaky scalp!!!!!

I love that my tour toiletry kit has gotten smaller now as I will be using items that I keep in my kitchen roadcase on my face but most importantly I feel so much better not having all those chemicals on my skin!

Don’t you want to get clean, too?


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7 Responses to No More Dirty Looks

  1. Jen Handy says:

    Oh My God Tricia! This really works!!! I’ll be honest with you..I didn’t believe that this would really get my hair clean and had the shampoo at the ready. I had the hardest time finding a shampoo and conditioner that was not animal tested and finally ended up getting Nature’s Gate Pomegranate from Trader Joe’s and it’s ok but I hate having to wash my hair every other day because it gets so greasy.

    I have long, straight and fine hair and after using the ACV it is soft and silky and CLEAN!!!! Like, super clean and light and fluffy and wow!!!!


    Peace and Love Always,


  2. Tess says:

    This book is great! I have slowly started weeding out my “dirty” products and integrating the al natural ones. It makes a difference, not just on you skin, but your overall well being. I feel freshly aware and my skin is happier too.

  3. Rachel says:

    Question: when you say you rinse with 2 tablespoons ACV mixed with 1 cup water, does that mean you are just using that to rinse, or are you massaging that mixture into your hair and then rinsing it off like you would shampoo and conditioner? I really want to try this, but I’m kinda confused about the exact method.

  4. Tricia says:

    I mix the ACV and water and then pour over my head and act just like I am lathering shampoo and then rinse out. Some people still use a clean conditioner after, which they say helps the small. But, I haven’t yet.

  5. Jenni says:

    Over Christmas I stopped using shampoo and conditioner, I just scrub my head everyday with water. It’s much faster and easier I find but I am a bit afraid of what my friends would say if they found out. I totally agree that we don’t need all these products that are marketed to us. Let’s just enjoy the abundance from nature! yayyy!

  6. catarina says:

    Loved your tips… I´m so going to try it. How about for you body? What do you use as a moisturizer?

  7. Im thankful for the blog.Thanks Again. Great.

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