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Welcome to Mercury Retrograde!

How to handle Mercury Retrograde -www.yourjoyologist.com


Mercury goes into Retrograde 4 times a year and is in now until February 11th!  It is time when things can go haywire, miscommunications happen, breakdowns happen, technology fails, and more.

I invite you to handle it all with the advice of this OWN YOUR AWESOME affirmation!

To learn more about how to handle mercury retrograde I like these articles from the Astro Twins and Gala Darling

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I am being clear of crud.

Sometimes I find myself attempting to be lazy about the silliest, smallest things.  Just now, I was getting dressed after showering  from the gym.  I started to pull on my clothes and paused remembering that I had not put on any body lotion.  Eh, I thought, whatever.  I can do with out body lotion.  I don’t feel like going back to the bathroom to put it on, I just want to get dressed and go, right now.

But, what is going to happen a few hours or even minutes from now when my skin starts itching because I haven’t put on any lotion?  I will likely be spending time scratching, trying not to scratch and even just sitting there thinking, man is my skin itchy, next time I will definitely put on the lotion.

Every morning, after I blend up my green shake in my Vitamix and pour into a glass, I attempt to sit the dirty blender in the sink to wash after I enjoy my shake.  Every morning, I then remind myself that if I wait it will be harder to clean.  Continue reading

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I make sh** up.

This may very well be the most important vlog I ever share with you.   Are you aware of your thoughts and how much you are making up?  Each thought that you have is in fact made up.  Can you decipher what is real and what is the story that you are making up?

I am aware that I am making sh** up all day long, but I am aware of this, so therefore I can choose whether to believe what I am making up or laugh it off.   Being aware is the first step.

Warning.  I may say sh** a lot in the following video….just saying.

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