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Dial A Friend. #tuesdaytip

Spring is coming! Horray!  I have been holding onto this tip since the New Year started because I knew that it wouldn’t work for those of you in the snowy climates until now!

One of my absolute favorite ways to catch up with friends is to schedule walk/hike dates with them.  What could be more perfect? Fresh air, get your body moving, and some great conversation!

But, sometimes the people you live closest to, don’t have  matching schedules and it is a lot harder to motivate yourself to get out of the door when you don’t have someone waiting for you, right?

Years and years when I first moved to San Diego, I created an evening ritual for myself to walk and call anyone who would answer.  It was a great way to stay in touch, but, nowadays people are either busier, or less likely to answer their phones.  Phone calls???!! Why aren’t they just texting me? Ha!

So, I have started to schedule walk and talk dates with friends.  We put it into our calendars and are held accountable by each other!  I will walk around my neighborhood with my headset on in California, while one of my best friends from college is walking around her neighborhood in Detroit.  I love it!   A great way to stay connected and get your body moving.


If even just for twenty minutes!  Sometimes we don’t get any fitness in because we say an hour is too much, I am too tired for 45 minutes of cardio.  We love to make up excuses!  But, really how can you make up an excuse for not taking a 20 minute walk (now that the weather is getting nicer).   95% of the time that I commit to walking 20 minutes, I end up doing more.  There have actually been a few times that I was like 20 minutes, done, back to the couch!  Sometimes, we are exhausted, sometimes we really don’t have much time, but you can make time for 20 minutes. 

By inviting your friends and family to “meet” you for a twenty minute walk you are also inspiring them to get more movement in, to take better care of themselves, to be a better mother, partner, friend.  Because when we take care of ourselves, everyone benefits! {click to tweet}

Right now, reach out to three people and invite them to join for a walk and talk.  Find a time and date that works for both of you, in your own time zones.  If you can do it in person, even better!

Can you commit to 20 minutes to better yourself and others?

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I am Being Part of it all.

I have just gotten off the bus in Calgary after a long two day drive. It is 9pm and the sun is still out. I have walked 20 minutes to a quaint vegetarian restaraunt that was recommended to me. Sitting here, at dinner alone, people watching and being with fresh faces in a fresh town are moments that I feel tears. Not tears of loneliness or sadness. Tears of pure joy. Of pure astonishment of all that life has to offer. Getting to be in the backgrounds of peoples lives. Getting to see people on dates with friends and lovers. People walking their dogs and riding their bikes. Rowdy people at sports bars. Party buses roaring by. Elegant people at tapas and wine bars. I get to be a part of it all. Continue reading

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I am Being someone who matters.

How lucky are we to have found each other?
How lucky are we to have lived this life?
How lucky are we to know what we know?
How lucky are we to get to do this all?

How can I define who I am, without you?  You have done everything for me, just in you being you.  You may have been a big part of my life or I may have never of had a conversation with you, but you have helped to form who I am.

Your image, your clothes, your taste, your voice, your words, your laugh, your being has made me who I am, because of you I form myself.  You may have done this unintentionally, in most cases that is so, but you are an effect on me and on the world at large in so many ways.

Often, I imagine myself as an ant that barely shows up for anyone, but how do I know that?  Everyone may actually see me, even when I am not seeing them.  Someone is always watching, someone is always listening, even if that someone is only myself.

How do I want to show up?
For you?
For her?
For him?
For them?
For me?
Who I am being for myself and for you? Because I matter and so do you.

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