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Break it Down.

Break Down Your Walls. www.yourjoyologist.com

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Creating People into Being

So you get that you Make a lot of sh*t up….here is a trick for turning around what you are making up.  Create them into being.  Acknowledge them into being.  And if you haven’t watched the I Make Sh*t Up video, do it!

To learn more about this idea, and so much more, check out my teacher’s Matthew & Terces Engelhart’s amazing book Kindred Spirit: Fulfilling Love’s Promise.

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Holding Space

The people have spoken.  I say hold space often, after my I Make Sh*t Up Video, I had some people asking what the heck is this hold space I speak of.

Imagine the ultimate non-judgement, full of compassion, love, and patience.

Holding space is so important to me that I have it carved in my skin as a constant reminder (it works, not that I am telling you to get a tattoo).

Photo by Pamela Corey

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I make sh** up.

This may very well be the most important vlog I ever share with you.   Are you aware of your thoughts and how much you are making up?  Each thought that you have is in fact made up.  Can you decipher what is real and what is the story that you are making up?

I am aware that I am making sh** up all day long, but I am aware of this, so therefore I can choose whether to believe what I am making up or laugh it off.   Being aware is the first step.

Warning.  I may say sh** a lot in the following video….just saying.

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