Lisa Banschbach, Ohio

imageI signed up for the 30 day Your Manager in Integrity project with Tricia at the beginning of the year. I needed a little more balance in my life, and I desperately needed to prioritize my passions a little better. So I thought, what better of a way to begin a new year than with a life-coach like Tricia by my side?

Though we are located thousands of miles from each other, she was really with me every second of every day. She was that beautiful reminder that someone is always there, always checking in, always supporting me, always pushing me, and always loving me. She has helped me discover a deeper meaning of love, allowing me to conquer my stresses and fears, and allowing the relationship I have with myself and others passionately flourish. Because of her, I have no fears. I have no regrets. I know that I make a difference. And even though I cannot wait for the excitement of my future, she has also helped me understand the gratitude of the present moment. Because of her, the stresses I suffered are now simply trivial. She has taught me what is most important in life: BEING LOVE. Sharing her life with me for those 30 days was so significant for me. I could not have asked for a better coach. I would recommend her to all, no matter the obstacle. She will help you through it.

Christina, Montreal, Canada

I have recently completed my 42 days with Tricia as my “Partner in Transformation” and the experience has been MIND BLOWING!!!

I do feel transformed in the most positive way! Each new day of the 42 days evoked new personal challenges; new ways to stretch myself, new ideas to ponder on, news ways of looking at the world around me and my part in that world.   It changed my whole outlook on life.  I feel so empowered and fearless now. I really feel awakened to my life, to the now moment and to being abundance NOW.

The best part was having Tricia there with me, every step of the way. This service that she is offering is so beyond generous on her part. She listened to me, to my stories, my experiences with the utmost patience, genuine interest and offered thoughtful and great spiritual insights. I cannot thank her enough for being my partner and now, my friend.

I have so much love and respect for Tricia. She is inspiring and what she does helps and heals people. She helped me so much. My gratitude is beyond words.

Maggie Mosielski DVM, Integrative Medicine Veterinarian/Performer

Picture_3I get so excited when telling others about Tricia because she played such a pivotal role in helping me transition into a new and bright stage of my life. The questions she asked and the insights she provided helped me to pass through the constraints I had put upon myself. She provided me with a simplistic way of getting my soul to reveal itself to me and helped me realize what my true and authentic self wanted. These sessions were invaluable and I’m not sure if I would have had the clarity to make the brave choices I have if it weren’t for Tricia.

Max, North Carolina

I had a wonderful experience discovering who I am and who I was meant to be working with Tricia in the partnership in transformation program.  First,  my eyes were opened by this service. I thought I knew who I was and my life purpose.  I had no clue.  I learned about Love for myself and the higher power within me.  Second, I learned that I am responsible for my happiness.  I have control.  I have control of my day to day life.  Third,  I learned that I need to let go of my hang ups.

Tricia was able to without judgement able to open my eyes to my hanging on to the junk of my life.  She taught me to release it and let it go.  The lessons I learned are more than just lessons, they are a part of me, a successful transformation.  For this I am forever grateful to Tricia.  I am looking forward to our next coaching / life lessons.

Justin “Kredible” Willman, TV host/magician

UnknownA lot of people might find it hard to think of a joyologist as a tangible investment.  But consider this, when your body, mind, and soul are in synchronicity you become a finely tuned machine operating at peak performance.  That’s the stunning product of Tricia’s practice.  She helps artists and business people achieve their full potential.


 Julie, Virginia

Working with Tricia helped me course-correct in an awesome way.  While I knew many of the things I needed to be doing to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle – I just wasn’t doing them!  Tricia kept me accountable and helped me create a habit of setting and achieving weekly goals that improved my health and overall happiness.  She is full of expertise and recommendations that have added to my arsenal of healthy lifestyle choices.  I’m so grateful for the wisdom and perspective that I gained during our time together.

Kristen, Montana

I worked 3 months with Tricia and during that time I was able to secure research funding, successfully finish my degree and develop clear goals for my future. I am positive I would not have finished my degree and got to do what I did if it weren’t for Tricia’s coaching.

Tricia helped me hone my creativity to where it worked for me, problem solve more efficiently and taught me how to manage my priorities and make a weekly routine of attainable goals.

Not only did Tricia cheerlead me through when I thought I wasn’t going to make it, she helped me see clearly that I am fully capable of attaining my goals and managing my life. She is an asset to anyone needing accountability and guidance and will help you develop into who and what you are striving to be.

She set me up to ultimately be accountable with myself with a successful productivity routine and follow through. She did this by challenging me and pushing me out of my comfort zones that were not working, building upon new methods that fit me.  I have been able to take what I learned and apply it daily. Tricia is an awesome Mentor and I know if I get stuck again she will be the person I call for a tune up.

Anya Marina, rocking singer/songwriter/former radio show host

anyaTricia was such a beacon of light for me on when I opened for Jason Mraz on tour. I had just come out of a tumultuous time on the road and was really seeking some balance in my life again. I kept joking that touring with Jason was like a rehab of sorts for me, but it turned out to be true!  When I started the tour, I was underslept and cranky and indulging a bit too much in a lot of areas of my life.

Meeting Tricia helped me rediscover my natural state of balance and peace.  Not only did she prepare incredible energy-boosting meals for us, she had a magical way of turning any bad energy or mood into light, laughter, and love. As I lingered in her “Vibe & Joy Room,” showering her with endless questions about diet / nutrition, yoga and how she acquired her loving and inspiring attitude about life (trust me, there is YouTube video of this), she would humor me and offer her thoughts calmly and quietly, never pushing any dogma on me.  I found myself wanting to be around her more and more.

Soon, I was waking up every day energized and excited to play, buzzing around the backstage area and bouncing off the walls with a newfound love of life.  It goes without saying I was playing the best shows of my life. I credit my “getting back on track” to not only Tricia’s green shakes and nori wraps but also to our late-night conversations about the meaning of it all.

She helped me realize some of the simplest and most meaningful truths I was searching for.  It’s no wonder she has become one of my dearest friends. I still often call on her for advice or for one of her “clearings.”

Recently, I was nervous before a show and she came backstage to say hi before I went on.  I couldn’t get right, couldn’t find my mojo anywhere and decided to just write off the show and do my best.  Within 20 minutes, Tricia had me doing a few simple breathing exercises and stretches.  She brought me some snacks, gave me a few key words of advice and reminders and before I knew it I was dying to get out and play. It was one of my best shows to date. The woman has a gift and anyone in her realm is lucky to know her.

Joceyln Blanco,  A Mother and Writer

Tricia gives us permission to pull out that light in us that we work so hard to hide. She is a constant reminder of truth and actively holds you accountable to look in the mirror and love the soul you see. The conversations and language we should all have been taught since infancy, she reignites and teaches you how to softly and bravely forgive; how to confidently do what you want; how to say what you feel with conviction; how to powerfully LOVE yourself without reservation and how to BE love in the world. I’d like to say I’m a changed person. It’s more accurate to say that I found my spirit. I fell in deeper love with my soul and shed unnecessary excuses for survival because Tricia guided me through knowing that all I need is LOVE in order to LIVE. 

Marcie, Maryland

Tricia helped me realize the importance of taking more time to ‘feed your soul’ and do those things that fill you up….and live  for today.

She helped me understand we are responsible for our thoughts, speech, beliefs, actions and attitudes.  We spent six weeks together, in partnership, on this incredible journey.  I’m grateful to Tricia for being my partner in this transformation, in creating an understanding we all have everything we need, right here, right now, in our lives to be filled now.  So today, I am especially grateful for Tricia who has dedicated her life to helping others understand the true meaning of wealth.  Also, Tricia will continue to ‘Nourish’ your soul through her amazing eCookbook which she just completed.  It’s well worth it.

Colbie Caillat, Grammy award winning pop singer/songwriter

thumb.1280264063.20093.thumbnail_83Tricia was so wonderful to have out on tour with us. She was always one step ahead of me, knowing when I was going to be hungry, when I wanted a smoothie (which she makes so delicious by the way).  She would have positive meaningful quotes written on cards around the bus, in the dressing room and even in front of me on stage, uplifting daily reminders.  She would make me fruity shots in the morning when I woke up, they helped my brain think faster.  She taught me yoga and was very patient with me.  She made healthy vegetarian meals for my band and I. She was so helpful with everything, even projects that weren’t in her job title. She kept me healthy and thinking positive while we were out on the ever changing road.

Cheryl Cutting,  New Hampshire

My  journey with Tricia was a ‘caterpillar to butterfly’, life-changing adventure. If you’re looking to make a quantum leap into the next phase of your life I can’t say enough about her dexterity and compassion as a ‘guide’.

Erin Lindstrom, Health Coach 

1521915_572695259491883_798229426_nWorking with Tricia was one of the best investments I ever made. For years I would have done anything to lose weight and feel better in my body except diet and exercise. Having Tricia as my health coach gave me full access to someone who knew so much about the world of green juice, quinoa and yoga and made my introduction to it all fun, explorative and pressure-free. While working with Tricia I learned about foods I had ignored in the grocery store for years and how to easily prepare them and use them to nourish my body. I also learned self care tips that I have integrated into my life and they’ve become daily practices I love. Having Tricia’s support and guidance was pivotal to my transformation and helped me realize a passion for helping other feel this good too!

Dawn Mitschele, singer/songwriter

I had never had a clearing with Tricia before, but with 5 minutes before show time and feeling really tired and burned out from a long day…I took the chance and gave her a call! She was actually out with a friend at the time, but was immediately available to my request! We went right into an amazing clearing, and five minutes later, I was on the stage, feeling more confident and present than ever.  It was actually one of my best shows to date, and even a good friend commented that I was “on a whole other level!”  What I got about Tricia that night was that she is truly a clearing for people’s success.  She is loving, committed and extremely generous in her work as a Joyologist.  I felt in really good hands with Tricia, and it is now a part of my dream to have her along with me on a future tour!!

Natalie Cole,  9 time Grammy award winning artist

It is the very best word to use–JOY– when referring to Tricia Huffman.  She brings precious commodities such as smiles and laughter, and an environment of wellness that is contagious.
Tricia has boundless energy and enthusiasm and most definitely brings lots of JOY to the table.  If JOY was a food item, it would cover every great dessert you ever enjoyed—from lemon meringue to vanilla, from chocolate covered strawberries to ice cream,and everything in between and then Tricia would be your ideal server!

Kathleen, Michigan

Tricia helped me learn healthy habits and helpful tips n tricks to take care of my body, one of the most important lessons of my life. I am Sr. Leader at an Advertising Agency serving one of the largest brands in the world, needless to say I’m incredibly busy.

I used to think I’m too busy to make eating healthy a priority. To complicate my situation, I was recently diagnosed with an endocrine disease which prohibits me from digesting insulin. I needed help to prevent serious health issues at a young age and I didn’t know where to start.

Tricia guided me to a new way of thinking, living and feeling. She created custom plans and weekly goals so I could achieve a healthy lifestyle. She was patient, kind and knew when to hold me accountable, which I needed.

This coaching isn’t generic it’s customized to you and Tricia’s vast knowledge base will provide you solutions to conquer any risk and achieve your goal. Since I started meeting with Tricia, I only consume whole foods, I have greens with every meal and I have eliminated processed food and sugar from my life.

I feel great! I’m sleeping better, my skin is better, my stress level at work is reduced and I lost 25 pounds. Working with Tricia was truly inspiring. I am now a more balanced and healthy person. Her love, support and partnership changed my life and for that I am forever grateful.

Jason Mraz, Grammy award winning singer/songwriter

imagesI’ve been working with Tricia since 2006 in many capacities. Long before the Joyology position was even created, she was a Joy to have on tour as a sound technician. Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine any working environment without Tricia there to clear the air and make the space sacred. Setting an intention for each day is how I prefer to stay involved and inspired and Tricia was the coach, partner, friend and foe holding me accountable, keeping me in integrity, like a trainer or manager of the spirit.

When we’re passionate about a project, we take our jobs very seriously. The possibilities of that project are dependent on how far we are willing to go to see it through. Why not give yourself and your team some extra support in the form of a Joyologist who will support you in being your best possible self? Everyone working on the project as well as the beneficiaries of the project deserve to be rewarded with powerful presence, peace of mind, gratitude, and love’s abundance. Consider this life is a journey for all of us – don’t miss it. Wake up and welcome Tricia, your new Joyologist.