** Because of the intensity of this service (daily calls) I do not offer it year round.**

Enroll now to start your transformation with me!  Will be available for start dates between April 15-30!  If I offer again this year, it will not be until October.  ONLY 1 SPOT OPEN!

Commit to yourself.  Discover yourself.  Break through walls that you don’t even know that you have up.  Re-wire the way that you think about yourself, others, life, everything!  Truly love and accept who you are.  Discover the amazing life that you have always imagined!

To truly transform your life, how you look at yourself, how you look at the world, how you look at everything, you don’t need to go away on a retreat or attend an intensive workshop.  You don’t need to lock yourself off from the rest of the world to delve into yourself.  This 42 day practice using The Abounding River personal logbook is hands down the best way to transform yourself, discover yourself, love yourself.

Why? Because with this program you are living your daily life, while you are on the journey of your transformation. Over the 42 days you are still living your life, in your own setting, with your co-workers, friends, family, loved ones.  You will be running your errands, making your own meals, doing laundry, and all of these daily tasks will transform for you.  You will learn to apply it all to your daily life, because you will be living it!  

This practice is life changing in so many ways, I can not full express it.  Using the logbook, and with our daily check in calls, life will begin to show up differently.  Light will be shined on things, people, qualities in yourself that you have never been fully able to see.  Relationships with loved ones, yourself, your past, and the world around you will be healed and revived.

I will be your partner in self-transformation and be there to keep you in integrity with yourself on this hugely heart opening ride, making sure that you truly get it all and that you are playing full out.  We will have daily phone or skype video sessions for the 42 days.  Along with the work of the workbook itself,  I will be there to talk you through all breakdowns, breakthroughs, and more that will come up as you embark on this journey.

The Abounding River Logbook

by Matthew and Terces Engelhart

The ABOUNDING RIVER LOGBOOK is our practice in being abundance. We invite you to be a part of what is possible when we keep our attention on all that we have already been given. This is access to awakening from the scarcity dream we have inherited. In this book you practice being someone who:

1) Loves your life.
2) Adores yourself.
3) Accepts the world.
4) Is generous and grateful every day.
5) Experiences being provided for.

If you, in earnest, take on this practice, you will experience abundance, being in the flow of infinite supply. The Abounding River awaits you.

This 42 day service will happen everyday no matter what and you will also have my constant support via email.

If you are even reading this, you know that you are truly ready for a change.  By not taking advantage of my expertise, my belief in you, my passion via this service, where will you be?  How long have you wanted to make a change in your life?  The time is now.  You are worthy.  Invest in yourself, invest in your transformation, invest in the life you have been dreaming of.

Investment: $2000

For 42  days of consecutive calls, plus support before and after the 42 days this service is a steal at $2000.  With 42 days of calls with me as your partner, your cheerleader, your guide there is NO WAY that you will not transform.   The total cost may be paid in full or via a payment plan, but a $500 deposit is necessary up front to hold your spot.  I am completely invested in your transformation, are you?  4  2 Only 1 spot open!
Are you a B-Schooler? I am offering you 25% off!

Contact me today to get started on your transformation and to schedule a free 15 minute call to discuss any questions and concerns, and to reserve your spot!

I have seen such beauty, self-love, healing and true transformation with my clients that I go through this service with and I am forever connected to them.   See what they have to say about this life-changing service and working with me. 

Tricia brings the “-ing”!!!
Almost 1 year ago, I completed a 42 day personal transformation journey with Tricia.  I joyfully write this testimonial about her amazing services because I want you to know the transformation did not stop after 42 days.  It is still going on now because of her.

When you work with Tricia, she brings the “-ing”.“–ing” is a present active participle, meaning partaking, sharing.  She is Life-living, Love-loving, and Be-being.

She was with me every day for 42 days completely fresh and present. She does not depend on a systematic routine for those she serves. She was easily present to me as an individual, and has a special way of stripping away the inessentials, the things that cloud one’s true path, which helps the true nature of the individual, be revealed.

She is honest and real.  One of the attributes I most appreciate about Tricia is that she will say what needs to be said. Her ability to hold space enhances what surrounds you at any given moment and will bring your true nature out of hiding. She provides safety for gentle curiosity, encouragement, and love so you can bloom as you were created to do! Through her example I learned to love and embrace it all.

She readily shares and partakes in the entire process.  She will show up for you every day if you invite her in. She is wise and soul-full. The gift of her presence promises loving-kindness is available.

This moment is your power point! Open the door. Let Tricia guide you to the amazing person you are! She is the best gift you can give to yourself.  You are worthy!

Tricia, I believe a teacher, a guide, requires an intuitive mind with great flexibility and grace.  You are all of these and so much more!    Thank you!

~ Mandy


I have recently completed my 42 days with Tricia as my “Partner in Transformation” and the experience has been MIND BLOWING!!!

I do feel transformed in the most positive way! Each new day of the 42 days evoked new personal challenges; new ways to stretch myself, new ideas to ponder on, news ways of looking at the world around me and my part in that world.

This logbook made me discover a whole new vocabulary, a new way of speaking. What I mean by that, is it made me realize that I was using negative words about myself and was creating negative events to arise in my life. This logbook opened my eyes and by saying out loud positive mantras, affirmations and repeating the daily “speaking and listening as spirit” segments, I ended up truly believing the words and it changed my whole outlook on life.

More than once I became emotional, because the words were so powerful and I felt for the first time in a long time, that I was looking inside myself, taking care of myself and truly loving myself. Knowing I create my own experience of life through my thoughts, speech, beliefs, actions and attitudes, I feel so empowered and fearless now. I really feel awakened to my life, to the now moment and to being abundance NOW.

I could really go on and on and on about how terrific this book is, but the best part was having Tricia there with me, every step of the way. This service that she is offering is so beyond generous on her part. She listened to me, to my stories, my experiences with the utmost patience, genuine interest and offered thoughtful and great spiritual insights. I cannot thank her enough for being my partner and now, my friend.

I have so much love and respect for Tricia. She is inspiring and what she does helps and heals people. She helped me so much. My gratitude is beyond words.

I highly recommend Tricia as your Partner in Transformation. What are you waiting for??? Carpe Diem



I had a wonderful experience discovering who I am and who I was meant to be working with Tricia in the partnership in transformation program.  First,  my eyes were opened by this service. I thought I knew who I was and my life purpose.  I had no clue.  I learned about Love for myself and the higher power within me.  Second, I learned that I am responsible for my happiness.  I have control.  I have control of my day to day life.  Third,  I learned that I need to let go of my hang ups.

Tricia was able to without judgement able to open my eyes to my hanging on to the junk of my life.  She taught me to release it and let it go.  The lessons I learned are more than just lessons, they are a part of me, a successful transformation.  For this I am forever grateful to Tricia.  I am looking forward to our next coaching / life lessons.

~ Max


Tricia helped me realize the importance of taking more time to ‘feed your soul’ and do those things that fill you up….and live  for today.

She helped me understand we are responsible for our thoughts, speech, beliefs, actions and attitudes.  We spent six weeks together, in partnership, on this incredible journey.  I’m grateful to Tricia for being my partner in this transformation, in creating an understanding we all have everything we need, right here, right now, in our lives to be filled now.  So today, I am especially grateful for Tricia who has dedicated her life to helping others understand the true meaning of wealth.  Also, Tricia will continue to ‘Nourish’ your soul through her amazing eCookbook which she just completed.  It’s well worth it.

~ Marcie


My  journey with Tricia was a ‘caterpillar to butterfly’, life-changing adventure. If you’re looking to make a quantum leap into the next phase of your life I can’t say enough about her dexterity and compassion as a ‘guide’.


Contact me today to get started on your transformation and pay the deposit below to hold your spot!