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YOUR best year yet!

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I am so excited for 2018!  My vision for what I want for my life is growing and I am really feeling the vastness of all that IS possible!

BUT, I know that having intentions, setting goals, and creating a vision is one thing and actually making those happen is another!

And it isn’t just about BIG goals, you likely have a scrolling list in your mind of things you want to work on from how to feel more alive, to creating space in your life, to clearing out the junk in your space and in your mind….

Life doesn’t go stop for us to achieve our goals.  We still have home life, work life, family life, and everyday tasks that keep our plates full.  We have to find ways to integrate our wants into our lives in a way that works for us.  And what works for your co-worker, best friend, sister won’t work for all of us.

I created this 31 day email program to set you up for your most intentional, connected to self, actionable year yet!

Every day in January you will get an email from me direct to your inbox with one thing to focus on and explore that day.  Don’t worry these emails won’t be too lengthy and the topic for the day won’t be too time consuming.  I want you to actually participate in the 31 days and not be overwhelmed with the program!

Topics will cover a vast array of mind, body, spirit, goals, home, relationships, simplifying and more!

Besides the 31 emails we will also have a Private Facebook Group to support each other, talk about the day’s topics, connect and go deeper! The Facebook group will live on after the 31 days as I want us to truly build a community of support for all of 2018 and beyond!

Whether you already have a list of things you want to create in 2018 or have no clue what you want, this program WILL work with you, support you and inspire you!

I am offering this super explorative program for only $21!

Over the years I have heard over and over again from many of you that want to work with me but don’t have it in the budget so I wanted to create something that you can afford! AND I am also giving you a FREE download of my ebook cookbook, Nourish  when you sign up!!!

What do you say?!
Are you ready to make 2018 the year you truly connect to you?
The year you listen to your intuition fully?
The year that you create habits that serve you and let go of ALL that does not?
The year that you see your worth, and own it?
The year that join a truly supportive, non judgmental community that will have your back no matter what?!

SAY YES to 31 Days of Emails + Plus an ongoing support group + a FREE download of my nutritious delicious cookbook for only $21!